Terms of Service and Data Privacy Notice

Terms of Service

Welcome! Thank you for choosing MARTHEM as your booking partner! 

Start to enjoy the powerful business features of MARTHEM and its unlimited benefits. 

Customers (Clients, User or Member ) - Through our booking system, customers can now easily book and access services without any hassle. 

Partners / Business Owners- Using MARTHEM will empower business owners to easily supervise, manage, predict, and boost the business from their screen. 

Currently is  proud in servicing the following categories: 

- Resto 

Restaurants, Cafes, Ballrooms, Meeting Rooms, Food and Beverage Services, etc

- Catering 

Small to big scales of catering services, etc

- Bakery 

Bakeries, Cake, Pastry Shops, etc

- Delivery 

Delivery services, Couriers, Range of Delivery Businesses, etc 

- Event Organizer 

Event organizers for wide array of occasions (business, wedding, birthdays, etc)


Graphic Designers, Content Creators, Food Vloggers, Influencers, Copy Writers, Animators , Food and Beverage Photographers, Food Advertisements etc. 

Moreover, MARTHEM provides business consultation services to partners outside the online booking system; and training, which involves short training in maximizing the online platform to grow the business. 

We would love to hear from you. Your feedback would be highly appreciated. Reach us at: [email protected] 

  1. Introduction

Please read these Terms of Service and the other Agreements described immediately below before registering as a Partner, Client, Customer, Staff, User or Member. By using the MARTHEM, you agree that you have read and understood the terms in these Terms of Service, which are applicable to you. 

If you do not agree to the Terms of Service please do not use or continue using the “Services/ Platform ” MARTHEM (PT Urban Saintek Nusantara ), and/or cancel your registration as a Partner, Customer, Client, Staff, User or Member. 

MARTHEM (PT Urban Saintek Nusantara )  may revise the terms in the Agreement at any time. We will send notice about updates and your continuous usage would indicate that you have read and agreed to any updates of this agreement. If any updates and changes are not acceptable to you, you should discontinue using of the Services/ Platform.

We use “we,” “us” and “our” that refer to the MARTHEM (PT Urban Saintek Nusantara )  and “you” refers to Partners, Customers, Clients, Staff, Users or Members. 

  1. Booking System

  1. Through MARTHEM, you (Partners) may offer you services online that Customers, Clients, Users or Members may avail. 

  2. Partners may customize, utilize all the features in accordance to their subscription. 

  1. Conduct

You (Partner, Client, Customer, Staff, User, or Member) agree that you are responsible for your own use of the booking system and for your business content, as well as any content of others that you publish on MARTHEM. 










MARTHEM the reserves the right to remove, cancel, revoke and file a legal case to anyone who violates 

  1. Accounts and Registration

You must provide correct, valid and truthful information or data upon your registration as a Partner, Customer, Client, Staff, User or Member.

You are responsible in keeping your login credentials. You shall not share, disclose, and misuse your login credentials. 

You must inform us if you have observed illegal usage of your credentials. We will not be responsible for any loss or damage that will arise from unauthorized access account and illegal usage of your credentials.

  1. Subscription, Payment and Refund 

You will be notified with your subscription upgrade, and payment details. We do not provide refund of payments, transactions and subscriptions. As we are a platform we do not refund to Customers, Clients, Users or Members. 

  1. Termination of Services

You may terminate your use of our platform, however, we cannot refund any payments made. We reserve the rights to terminate your registration, membership, or subscription in any circumstances that you violated stated agreements in our site / platform. 

  1. Eligibility

Partner, Customer, Staff, Client, User or Member registration is limited to those individuals 17 years of age or older. 

  1. Copyright Policy

Our Copyright, Trademarks, Patents, Designs is protected and is not to be copied. 

Please send any questions about this Terms of Service or about MARTHEM (PT Urban Saintek Nusantara ) to [email protected].

Data Privacy Notice

This Data Privacy Notice informs you about the data that  MARTHEM (PT Urban Saintek Nusantara ) gathers from you as a Partner, Customer, Staff, Client, User or Member, through using our platform, data usage and sharing. 

The data you make available to MARTHEM (PT Urban Saintek Nusantara ) allows us to provide you with access to our products and services, to offer that service and to update on that service and our other products and services.

Please send any questions about this Notice or about MARTHEM’s (PT Urban Saintek Nusantara ) way of using  your data to [email protected].

This Data Privacy Notice applies to information that we gather through our website and other services. 

I. How do we use the data that we collect and to whom do we share? 

MARTHEM (PT Urban Saintek Nusantara ) uses the data  we collect to deliver our products and services . We may also directly communicate with you to collect data that we will need to provide you the services that you require. 

Partners collect data to provide Customers/ Users / Members the services that they are accessing. 

Customers/ Users / Members share the data within MARTHEM and its partners to provide and update you. 

We will ask permission from you if we will be needing your data outside MARTHEM (PT Urban Saintek Nusantara ) and our Partners. 

II. What information or data do we collect? 

We collect basic information that is used for the booking system. The following are collected from Partners, Clients, Customers, Users, and Members: 

  1. Customers, Clients, Users, and Members profile  : Name, Contact Details ( email, phone number, address and other data needed for the service)

  2. Partners profile  : Name, Contact Details, Business Details ( email, phone number, address and other data needed for the service, business details )

  3. Other legal data that are permissible to be used for but not limited to background check, and verification 

III. Partners Obligation 

  1. Partners must comply with existing laws in using and sharing data that are collected. 

  2. Partners must obtain the necessary consents when they will use your data outside the booking system. 

IV. Your Rights 

  1. Partners Customers/ Users / Members can request to delete, correct, take away consent for our partners or MARTHEM to use your data. 

  2. File a legal complain to authorities if your data are misused or illegally used, or violated because of unlawful usage of your data. 

Please send any questions about this Notice or about MARTHEM’s (PT Urban Saintek Nusantara ) way of using  your data to [email protected].